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Fellow Newgrounders!!!!

2008-12-01 01:44:09 by TheSilentWolf

Hello Newgrounders,
Your probably wondering "who the **** is this kid" well read the following and you'll find out :].
I am a rookie flash animator wishing to be one of the greatest. I'm new at flash and i have not yet made a single animation. I am 16 just to put that out there and i have a great imagination. The only problem I seem to be having is putting my imagination on paper well in this case its in a program. First off I don't even know what type of flash program i should get and if I really have to spend money on it. Though I know little I'm willing to learn but in order to learn I must be taught. that is another problem. I would like to know if anyone is willing to teach me about flash. If worse comes to worse I may just have to learn on my own but that's ok because it's never easy to be on top. Well I know it well be hard and rough and probably take forever....thats what she said :D, but i know that i can be a great animator if i try.


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