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voice acting

2009-07-15 20:35:29 by TheSilentWolf

hey everyone well as you know i wanted to make flash well my dumb computer cant hold all the memory :/ so instead of drawing i thought of speaking so im going to be making a voice acting demo soon and ill set it up in the audio portal and if anyone needs a voice actor just ask me and ill give you a sample thanks. :3


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2009-07-15 21:52:08

I dont wat file I need to download after my PC crashes! Completely! So im just writing and helping on finding things. Im working on 2 flashws as giving ideas. One of them might be cancelled because the artist hasnt been on for almost a month!

The other im writing a script. I finished one before my PC crashes! But I dont know where in Adobe to go! Good luck! Comment me if you consiser helping Zookeyman1, we need some voice actors!